Nutrition-Toolbox™ Software Whitepaper

Why Buy Nutrition-Toolbox™ Software?

Nutrition-Toolbox™ is a comprehensive professional nutrition assessment software for handheld devices available.1 This software can dramatically enhance efficiency in the performance of a wide range of nutrition assessment tasks2:

  • Compliance with JCAHO and CMS standards
  • IDNT/NCP module access, reference and review codes for the International Dietetics & Nutrition Terminology: the Standardized Language for the Nutrition Care Process©
  • Rapidly perform accurate initial adult & pediatric assessments; and expedite follow-up assessments
  • Expedite and increase accuracy of Initial & follow-up parenteral nutrition recommendations & management
  • Rapidly perform initial & follow-up enteral nutrition recommendations & management
  • Provides laboratory/chemistry assessment aids
  • Quickly and accurately plan diabetic and renal meals
  • Contains the most extensive conversions application

Nutrition-Toolbox™ performs standard calculations associated with the above tasks in a fraction of the time it takes to complete them long hand, enabling the clinical nutritionist to keep up with dynamic census and time-line protocols for consults and follow-ups. All applications and information contained in Nutrition-Toolbox™ are referenced and follow current practice standards (e.g. uses the latest WHO and CDC growth charts as well as ASPEN driven guidelines). Not only does Nutrition-Toolbox™ contain the most extensive list of nutrition assessment tools, but a great deal of time and effort went into display design and features to ensure that Nutrition-Toolbox™ stands in a class by itself.

Moreover, Nutrition-Toolbox™ provides the user with a notes section unique to Nutrition-Toolbox™ for most modules, so that acceptable ranges, general theory, limitations, and applications can be reviewed. This is a powerful feature for both the new and the well-seasoned clinician. It expedites new staff training and facilitates cross coverage, fostering a more cohesive, versatile nutrition team. Estimate adult & pediatric needs, assess anthropometrics & core laboratory values, plan diabetic & renal meals and calculate enteral and parenteral recommendations more quickly than you could imagine!

Hardware Specifications

Nutrition-Toolbox™ software runs on android devices (Nutrition-Toolbox™ for Apple OS coming soon). It also operates on Windows PocketPC and Windows®-based desktop/Tablet PCs. Nutrition-Toolbox™ is proud of its high quality screen visuals, the ability to display more information per screen and link efficiently to more information, and its intuitive programming. It is Nutrition Software Solutions’ goal of maintaining the most efficient, information-rich nutrition assessment tool on the market.

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Product Pricing

For less than the cost of a good reference book or a short seminar, you can purchase an extraordinarily useful tool that will provide lasting benefits to clinicians and ultimately to the facility’s bottom line. Meanwhile Nutrition Software Solutions, Inc. is a nimble company that is committed to continually improving the software to remain relevant to changing practices. Nutrition-Toolbox™ is in a class unto itself in the nutrition assessment market. This software will quickly become the clinician’s “best friend”. Each purchase of Nutrition-Toolbox™ software download constitutes one license for a single device.


Nutrition-Toolbox™ software can be purchased via our website, or by phone, fax or mail order. Nutrition Software Solutions, Inc. accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), checks and Purchase Orders.

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