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Nutrition-Toolbox Save/Print Function Quick-Start Guide Supplement (for Windows PocketPC and Windows®-based desktop/Tablet PCs only)

Once you have entered your data into any given Nutrition-Toolbox™ module look at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen -- you will see the words "Save" and "Options" Tape on "Options" then "browse" to name your file and/or to create a folder

Open your keyboard (or your writing pad if you prefer) to enter text


Name your file using numeric or alphabetic characters.

Select the folder you want to save your patient/client information under (for example tap " templates").

Select the type of text for your folder.

Select the location you want to store your patient/client file.

Tap on the "OK" dialog box to save or "Cancel" to start over again. Once you select "OK" a dialog box will open permitting you to enter text (this word file can be edited like any other).


Text or notes may now be entered.

Tap on "OK" to save text or "Cancel" to start over again.


Text Entry Sample: Type in the text you want now, notes for reminders later, or create/edit text later from your desktop.


To access your saved client document : choose the Pocket Word icon from your top tool bar (or from the programs file if you have not used Pocket Word recently - note: the last 4 - 6 programs that you have used will display their icons on the top tool bar).


Once your Pocket Word program is open select the Folder you saved your patient/client to - in this tutorial we saved our patient/client to "Templates".


Select the name you assigned to your patient/client (in this tutorial we named our patient/ client "1") - this will open the saved document.


You can now view or edit your saved patient/client document.


Select the Tool option of your choice to continue to edit, rename or delete document as well as beam it to a printer or another PDA.

You may also choose the style or font that you want.