Nutrition-Toolbox™ FAQ

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  1. How do I install Nutrition-Toolbox™ on the Pocket PC? 
    1. Type into your browser
    2. Click "15-Day Trial"
    3. Under "Android 2.1" click the link "NTBox APK Download for Android"
    4. If a message pops up saying that his is potentially harmful to your android device, go to settings > security and checkmark "unknown sources" (this simply means that the software is not registered through the Android App Store
    5. Once downloaded, open the App
    6. A fully functioning version of Nutrition-Toolbox™ software will run for approximately 15 days. You can purchase Nutrition-Toolbox™ at any time during the demo period via our website: or call us Toll-Free at 888-430-6366. During the time of your purchase simply provide the 16-digit registration code that appears on the software screen to enjoy uninterrupted use of the software. We will generate a corresponding activation code for you to enter into the Nutrition-Toolbox™ program; this will permanently license the software to that single device. If Nutrition-Toolbox™ is not purchased within 15-days of loading, the program will freeze until an activation code is entered or the program is removed from the device.
  2. Does Nutrition-Toolbox™ run on Apple products?
    • This is coming soon. Please check back frequently as Nutrition-Toolbox™ will be available for Apple products (iPhone, iPad) in the near future.
  3. When I installed my new Nutrition-Toolbox software on my PDA, a note came on the screen of my PC that said: "Program installed may not display properly because designed for a previous version of Windows Mobile Software."
    • This is just a warning that your PDA is running the new Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0 software that can flip the screen around or display in VGA resolution.


Equations & tools

  1. Some institutions and reference examples use the value 9 to calculate kcals per gram of Lipid while others use 10. Which does Nutrition-Toolbox™ use? Nutrition-Toolbox™ lets you decide that as you go. You may choose 9, 10, or enter your own values anywhere between 8.5 and 10.5. Other products chose a number and hard code it (unchangeable by the user) - making you do extra math to re-scale your numbers to theirs. This is one example revealing the depth of usability of Nutrition-Toolbox™ - there are many other examples!



  1. I have not purchased a smart phone or tablet yet, but intend to. Can you recommend one?
    • Nutrition-Toolbox™ currently runs on Android devices, version 2.1 or newer. It also runs on Windows Desktop.