15-day Downloadable Trial

Android 2.1+

Version 2.0

NTBox APK Download for Android

If a message pops up saying that this is potentially harmful to your android, go to settings > security > and then checkmark “unknown sources”

Once downloaded, open the App.

Nutrition-Toolbox™ will run for approximately 15-days from date of installment. You can purchase Nutrition-Toolbox™ at any time during the demo period via our website: NutritionSoftwareSolutions.com or call us Toll-Free at 888-430-6366.

During the time of purchase simply provide the 16-digit registration code that appears on the software screen to enjoy uninterrupted use of the software. We will generate a corresponding activation code for you to enter into the Nutrition-Toolbox™ program; this will permanently license the software to that single device.

If Nutrition-Toolbox™ is not purchased and registered within 15-days of loading, the program will freeze until an activation code is entered or the program is removed from the device

Enjoy your 15-day trial! 


Windows Desktop

Version 2.0

The easiest way to get it is to grab the self-extracting executable

Full Install (automatic Installation)

  1. Setup.exe (this web-install may not work on some systems)

Individual Files (in case you have installation problems, such as no Administrator Rights).

These files may be copied directly into any sub-directory on your desktop computer using the Windows File Explorer program.

  1. NutritionToolboxPC.exe
  2. Formulas.bin
  3. FormulasPeds.bin