$152. (Windows Desktop/tablet, Android, Apple)

$143.20 students (Windows Desktop/tablet, Android, Apple. Student discount not available for Apple platform)

$50 Updates (Windows Desktop/tablet, Android, Apple)


Shipping and Delivery Information:

From date of purchase your Nutrition-Toolbox™ software takes approximately 3-7 days for delivery and will be sent via US mail, priority.

Please call for express or overnight shipping rates and for software/hardware combination shipping and fee information.


Shipping Cost:

Items may be shipped by a variety of carriers. However we generally use US Mail, priority.

Shipping and handling fees, within the continental US (via US mail), priority: $9.00

Express or Overnight Delivery: Please call or e-mail us for rates.

International Shipping rates: Rates depend on destination. Please call or e-mail us for fees.


Return Policy:

We absolutely, positively want you to be a happy, confident, and productive customer, using our "best of class" software. We maintain a money-back, cheerfully refunded guarantee for the first 30 days - on one condition: you must tell us why you feel obliged to return the software and give us an opportunity to satisfy you. In the unlikely event that you find yourself returning the software you must ensure that:


  1. Software is in its original packaging
  2. All accompanying materials are enclosed
  3. An original sales receipt accompanies the return
  4. Item(s) returned is received within 30 days of date of purchase

Sorry, but we cannot accept software returns if:

  1. All supporting materials do not accompany software
  2. Original sales receipt does not accompany return
  3. Return is received more than 30 days after date of purchase

Any new hardware that is purchased from Nutrition Software Solutions, Inc. may be returned if:

  1. It is in its original packaging, and unopened
  2. An original sales receipt accompanies the return
  3. Item is returned within 30 days of date of purchase

Any hardware that is purchased as a demo or refurbished product, per the terms and conditions visible in our advertising mediums for these items and the original sales receipt, may be returned if:

  1. Purchased in the US or Canada only
  2. Return is received within 30 days of date of purchase
  3. All supporting materials and accessories are returned in condition purchased

All refunds will be made in the same method as payment, less a 3% re-shelving fee for software and a 5% re-shelving fee for hardware. Shipping fees are not refunded.